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Nutrition & Weight Loss

Cycling And Coffee: A Stimulating Study

Cycling And Coffee: A Stimulating Study thumbnail

I love cycling, me. And I love coffee. Coffee and cycling go together like monkeys and tennis rackets (“monkey tennis!”). Like Ginger Biscuits and Fred Astaire. Like Bert and Ernie. Like salt and caramel (or so they’ll have us believe). As a committed coffee drinker and a somewhat less committed cyclist, at least right now […] Read More


Does Training On An Empty Stomach Help You Lose Weight?

Does Training On An Empty Stomach Help You Lose Weight?

It’s a perennial question (and sometimes a perineal one). If, broadly speaking, consuming too many calories and not burning them off leads to increased body fat storage, surely training without taking in any calories is going to tip the scales in your favour? I’ve been asked about the subject of ride nutrition in the past. […] Read More


How To Improve Your Diet (Without Living Like A Cycling Monk)

How To Improve Your Diet

Welcome to the fourth in my series of posts, ‘Get Lean For Performance’. Originally intended as a July series, I seem to have crept into stomped all over August. Whatevs. This is my final post on the topic for the time being. My next ‘thematic series’ will look at training (whoop!). So far in this […] Read More

How to lose 50kg by cycling

Are you looking to shift a few extra pounds and think the bike may be the tool that helps you do that? Good news – you’re on the right track. And I have a reader success story to prove it. (Yeah, yeah, a sample size of 1 does not prove the argument. BOOM! Sample size […] Read More

Cycling for weight loss

Hello campers. Welcome to the second post in my series looking at weight loss for cyclists. Together we’re getting lean for performance (that’s right, me and you). Last time we looked at what we’re hoping to achieve, namely: 1. Improving our cycling performance through achieving our optimal ‘racing weight’; 2. Reducing our levels of body […] Read More

How to achieve your cycling racing weight

Banal truism alert! Pretty much everyone wants to lose a bit of weight. Magazines and newspapers of all persuasions are obsessed by the topic. Millions of pounds are spent, lost and gained in the name of shedding weight. If you’ve subscribed to my blog in the last couple of months, you may remember getting an […] Read More


RideLondon Nutrition: What Should You Be Eating On The Ride

In this post I’m going to be looking at my nutrition plan for RideLondon. By ‘nutrition plan’, I mean what (and when) I plan to eat and drink during the ride in order to provide the energy to propel me to victory on the Mall. I wouldn’t normally produce anything resembling a formal nutrition plan for […] Read More

Cycling to Lose Weight: How One Man Lost 6 Stone by Cycling (More Than a Third of His Bodyweight!) thumbnail

In today’s post I am delighted to feature an interview with Mark Hammond. Mark, writing as Velopixie, maintains a blog about his road cycling escapades, which you can find here. Er, wait a minute, who is Mark exactly? Well, like many of us, Mark is a keen cyclist and sportive rider. Like probably fewer of […] Read More