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RideLondon 100: The Grimpeur Guide

This section contains links to all of my posts about RideLondon 100. Amongst other things, you\’ll:
– discover the route;
– find out the gradients and difficulty of Leith Hill and Box Hill;
– learn about my training for RideLondon;
– see what equipment I used and what food I took; and
– read about my experiences on the day.

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What Should I Wear On RideLondon (And Other Questions)?

The RideLondon 100 (and its new 46 sibling) is an unusual sportive. Due to its size and location, it presents logistical challenges for riders and organisers alike. On the participant side, it’s not just a case of rocking up with a car boot (trunk) full of kit and a few gels in your pocket and […] Read More


Are You Looking For An Entry For RideLondon 2016?

… then look no further, dear cyclist. I might have just what you’re looking for. Perhaps you missed out on a spot in the ballot? Or you couldn’t commit to raising £500 for a given charity? Maybe you’ve only just heard of the RideLondon sportive (where have you been!?) and you’re finding that places are […] Read More

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What Bike Do I Need For The RideLondon 100?

What Bike Do I Need For The RideLondon 100? thumbnail

… Or indeed any other 100-mile sportive or gran fondo? This post has been prompted by a reader question over on the Sportive Cyclist Facebook page. Yes, there is a Sportive Cyclist Facebook page. And yes, this blog has the occasional reader. So, to repeat, what bike would be suitable for the RideLondon 100 sportive? […] Read More

RideLondon 100 Food Drink Equipment

The RideLondon 100 is just around the corner, a fact that is no doubt occupying the minds of many a Sportive Cyclist reader. If you’re not doing RideLondon (hell, you’ve maybe not even heard of it), perhaps you have another long distance sportive on your target list. I’ll assume your training is going to plan […] Read More

How To Train On RideLondon Climbs

So you buy my argument that the best way to tackle your fear of Leith Hill (or Box or Mont Ventoux) is to ride it before event day. Fine. But what if you live nowhere near London? A multi-hour drive (or flight) to recon the Surrey hills seems a little over the top. In this […] Read More


RideLondon 2014: Share Your Success

RideLondon finishers medal

Pour the water out of your wellies cycling shoes. Wring out your bibshorts. RideLondon became SwimLondon. No matter (certainly not to me, sat in the dry in Derbyshire). I hypothesise that the majority of participants had a great time, irrespective of the weather and the slight shortening of the course. (And yes, the medal in […] Read More


Ultimate Guide To RideLondon

Ultimate Guide To RideLondon thumbnail

Boom! It’s 20 days until the 2014 running of the RideLondon 100 kicks off (pedals off) from Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Are you excited? You should be*. (* Unless you’re not doing it, in which case, “meh”.) In this post I’m going to rehash share some of the stuff I’ve produced over the last 18 […] Read More

RideLondon 100 Route 2014: Ch-ch-ch-changes (Turn And Face The Strain) thumbnail

Big news. The RideLondon people have changed the route for the 2014 running of the event. I wasn’t really expecting that – the 2013 version seemed to meet with almost universal approval. For an event this large, I assumed the organisers would want to get into a groove, locking down the route and avoiding changes […] Read More


What The RideLondon Route Would Look Like As A Cartoon

I’ve been busy with my (digital) pencil. In today’s post I’ve eschewed my usual wordsmithery in favour of letting my artistic juices run wild. It’s a bit like an ‘infographic’ (hmm, Zeitgeist-y) but without too much in the way of info. A spot of therapy for those that completed RideLondon last year; an insight into […] Read More

Box Hill Cycling: Gradient, Elevation and Length of the Surrey Alpe thumbnail

This post is going to discuss Box Hill, the doyenne of the south-east cycling ‘scene’. All the cool cats are climbing up it. You dig? The format mimics that of a similar post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Box’s uncouth RideLondon cousin, Leith Hill. Both posts relate back to one of […] Read More