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RideLondon 100: The Grimpeur Guide

This section contains links to all of my posts about RideLondon 100. Amongst other things, you\’ll:
– discover the route;
– find out the gradients and difficulty of Leith Hill and Box Hill;
– learn about my training for RideLondon;
– see what equipment I used and what food I took; and
– read about my experiences on the day.

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Leith Hill Cycling: Gradient, Elevation And All That Fandango

Leith Hill Cycling: Gradient, Elevation And All That Fandango thumbnail

In this post I’m going to look at Leith Hill as a cycling route. As well as discussing its ‘vital statistics’ (length, gradient, elevation), we’ll talk a little about how to get there and how it might fit into a longer ride in the area. *** If you found this post because you’re looking for […] Read More


Eleven Reasons To Sign Up For RideLondon 2014

RideLondon 2014 ballot

Is it that time already? It feels like only yesterday that I was doing RideLondon 2013. But now we have to think about RideLondon 2014. The ballot opens on Monday. Yes, next Monday. Crazy shizzle. To be honest, you’re likely to be someone who did this year’s event (and can make their own mind up on […] Read More

RideLondon medal

Long-time (and even short-time) readers will know that RideLondon has been a major theme on this blog over the past few months. The inaugural running of the event took place on Sunday 4 August (two days ago as I write). I thought you might like to know how I got on. Oh, you don’t? Well […] Read More


The Night Before RideLondon: The Perfect Preparation

RideLondon preparation

The key to maximising your performance in Sunday’s RideLondon 100 is to get smashed the evening before. Not just a little drink to settle the nerves. The whole nine yards (100 miles?). In this post I’m going to espouse my considerable wisdom on how to make the final finishing touches to your pre-ride preparation. I’ve […] Read More


What To Carry (And Wear) On RideLondon

Time is ticking down to the off of the inaugural RideLondon 100. Are you getting excited? The hard work is done (or should have been). Further fitness gains are unlikely; by now you should be well into your taper period (unless you’re one of those machines that sees a 100-mile pootle around south-east England as […] Read More


Training for RideLondon 100: mid-June update

RideLondon training

Training in the Peak District can occasionally be a pleasure…

Welcome back to the third post in my series recording my training for the inaugural RideLondon 100, taking place on 4 August. That’s a disappointingly short 52 days away from now (as I write this, obviously). If you want to read posts 1 and 2 in this sorry series, they can be found ici and aquí. First […] Read More


As you prepare for the 100 miles of RideLondon, you might be looking for other (shorter) sportives to help you on your way. Long time reader of this blog, Giles Roadnight has just emailed me to point out that The King of the Downs Sportive takes place this Sunday (2nd June). The sportive, organised by Evans, features […] Read More


Training for RideLondon 100: March – mid-May update

This is the second instalment in a series of posts recording the progress of my training towards RideLondon 100, the 100-mile cyclosportive taking place in and around London on 4 August. My first training update can be found here. As readers of this blog will know, my cycling prowess is very much at the lower end of […] Read More


This post is a little different from my usual offerings. It’s a slide presentation (woo-ooh!) that looks once again at the RideLondon 100 route and offers up some interesting titbits for participants (and anyone else with a passing interest). I shoved the presentation (or ‘deck’, if you hail from corporate America) onto Slideshare in an inglorious attempt to […] Read More


Readers of this blog have probably picked up on the fact that I will be taking part in the inaugural RideLondon-Surrey 100 cyclosportive in August. As the name suggests, the event is a 100 mile bike ride that loops out from London into Surrey, before returning for a triumphal sprint along the Champs Elysees the Mall. I am […] Read More