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What To Wear Cycling

Guide To Cycling Leg Warmers (And A Review Of My GripGrabs)

Guide To Cycling Leg Warmers (And A Review Of My GripGrabs) thumbnail

I’ve had something of a revelation. And it involves skin tight black stockings. Or ‘leg warmers’ as they seem to be called in cyclo-world. The updating of my guide to cycling tights (never a more exciting post written) coincided with this year’s Black Friday sales. Whilst perusing , I saw that these leg warmers from […] Read More


The Sportiveur’s Guide To Winter Cycling Tights

The Sportiveur’s Guide To Winter Cycling Tights thumbnail

For a long time, when I saw pro riders (or those who wanted to look like pro riders) training in cold weather, I assumed they were wearing tights underneath their cycling shorts. It took me an awfully long time (too long) to realise that this wasn’t the case (I hope it wasn’t the case) and […] Read More

Whose Coat Is That Jacket: Best Winter Jackets For Road Cyclists 2017 thumbnail

Hmm. If I had any sense, I’d have published this post some time ago, giving you time to study it (yes, study it) and invest (yes, invest) in a winter jacket ahead of the actual, you know, winter. But I don’t have any sense. And to be honest, I’m struggling, based on recent weather here […] Read More


What Should I Wear On RideLondon (And Other Questions)?

The RideLondon 100 (and its new 46 sibling) is an unusual sportive. Due to its size and location, it presents logistical challenges for riders and organisers alike. On the participant side, it’s not just a case of rocking up with a car boot (trunk) full of kit and a few gels in your pocket and […] Read More


Kask Vertigo 2.0 Road Helmet Review: Putting A Lid On It

Kask Vertigo 2.0 Road Helmet Review: Putting A Lid On It thumbnail

I am thinking about helmets. Specifically the which is my new piece of head protection de jour. I’ve been using it for about a couple of months now (since Christmas) and here are my initial thoughts (for what they’re worth…). A helmet is a very personal thing (ne’er a truer word spoke). On the basis that […] Read More


What Should You Wear When Road Cycling In The Winter

road cycling winter clothing

I’ll try to answer this without simply presenting a bland list of clothing items…. fully expecting that it will turn into a bland list of clothing items. Cycling outside in the winter is difficult for all manner of reasons. It’s cold. It’s more likely to be wet. It’s more likely to be windy. ‘Nice’ winter […] Read More

dhb blok micro softshell windslam roubaix jacket review

There are perks to being an internationally-renowned sports writer. If you are one, I’m sure you know what they are. It seems that there is also the occasional Brucie bonus available to those that have created a small (but perfectly-formed) weblogpedia. You may remember that I was fooled into taking part offered the opportunity to […] Read More

Sealskinz Thermal Performance Road Cycling Gloves

These are my gloves…

The weather in the UK turned quite abruptly earlier this month. September was surprisingly warm and dry. October came along, the switch was flipped and winter began (or at least a chilly autumn did). This time of the year tends to see me make a wardrobe gaffe. Thankfully (for both you and me), said wardrobe gaffe is […] Read More

Best Cycling Shorts For Sportive Riders 2017 (And My Plans To Buy A Skinsuit) thumbnail

The novice cyclist’s journey towards cycling mastery involves progressively replacing each item of clothing in their wardrobe with the equivalent garment made out of Lycra (Spandex to our US brethren). Cycling shorts are generally first on the list. In this post, I’ll explore the exciting world of padded gussets and elasticated waistbands, and then give […] Read More


What To Wear Cycling: Review

What To Wear Cycling screengrab

Today I’m going to review the cycling app, ‘What To Wear Cycling’. This wasn’t intended to be today’s post. In fact, as you’ll see below, I was struggling to write this post full stop (or ‘period’, if you’re that way inclined). But something happened and now it is today’s post. You’re just going to have […] Read More