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What To Wear Cycling

Best Cycling Shorts For Sportive Riders 2017 (And My Plans To Buy A Skinsuit) thumbnail

The novice cyclist’s journey towards cycling mastery involves progressively replacing each item of clothing in their wardrobe with the equivalent garment made out of Lycra (Spandex to our US brethren). Cycling shorts are generally first on the list. In this post, I’ll explore the exciting world of padded gussets and elasticated waistbands, and then give […] Read More


What To Wear Cycling: Review

What To Wear Cycling screengrab

Today I’m going to review the cycling app, ‘What To Wear Cycling’. This wasn’t intended to be today’s post. In fact, as you’ll see below, I was struggling to write this post full stop (or ‘period’, if you’re that way inclined). But something happened and now it is today’s post. You’re just going to have […] Read More